To achieve successful matches, Van de Wouw / partners has developed a method that leads to sustainable appointments that satisfy both the client and the chosen candidate.

Knowledge of the market, the organization, and of course the job are of vital importance. To this end, we not focus only on the strict requirements, such as education, market knowledge and experience, but also on the social elements, such as the company’s culture and the candidate’s place within the organization.

Our method can be divided into the following steps:

Organization Analysis
After we have received your confidence to complete the assignment, we will conduct interviews with relevant line managers and close colleagues within your company to get the profile sharp and clear. We will also try to get a clear understanding of the corporate culture and its people. These interviews are important building blocks in order to be able to outline the candidate’s true idea of the job and the organization.

Job Profile
Based on the information obtained, we will describe the situation, the vacancy and the profile of the ideal candidate. Furthermore, we will set up a target list. After discussing our findings with the client and getting their approval, we will start the search process and interviews with potential candidates.

Search and Presentation of Candidates
Thanks to the thorough analysis of the organization, the job profile, and the target list, we will be able to find and approach the right candidates and interest them. We will hold extensive interviews with all the candidates, and within four to six weeks after the start of the assignment, we will present reports on the selected candidates to the client. We will then agree on scheduling the candidates for interviews. These interviews may take place at the client’s office, or if desired, at the office of Van de Wouw / partners.

Throughout the process, we will act as contact for both client and candidate. Before the candidate receives an offer, the client of Van de Wouw / partners will receive a balanced overview of the current terms of employment (basic terms, fringe benefits, bonuses etc.). As a neutral intermediary with extensive experience in this type of process, we can guarantee both parties a satisfactory agreement in all respects.

After the most suitable candidate is appointed, we will plan an interview with the client and the chosen candidate to evaluate the process. We will keep in touch regularly and hope to have laid the foundation for a long and lasting relationship.

People buy from people they know and trust