Career Counselling

The Present Situation
You are at a crossroads in your career. After completing your studies, you have spent several years investing in your career; you successfully filled several positions. This positive flow paid off; a promotion almost seemed to be the only logical next step on your path. Your professional development seemed almost self-evident. And now the time has come to reflect on your next step.


You are in a more advanced stage of your career, you have successfully filled several positions and are now at a crossroads. Should I stay with my current employer? Do I want to move to the next level? Or would I like to take my career in a different direction? Now is the time for you to map this out.

The questions
Do I continue to do what I am good at? Or is it time for something new? Do I want to make the transition to a different market? If I want to take my career into a new direction, which direction would be right? What possibilities do I actually have? These are the questions I hear daily. In order to answer your question carefully, I have formulated an approach that addresses the serious decisions you want to make. Getting together “for a cup of coffee” is easy enough, but I am convinced that a more systematic approach to your question would be more effective, and I would therefore like to work on a customized answer.

For more clarity, I apply the following step-by-step approach, working results-oriented.

  1. Getting acquainted; I will assess your situation and respond to your wishes and expectations to come to an advice. Together, we will then determine how to continue. We can continue with a single interview or an interview followed by an in-depth interview or follow-up meeting, three months after the first meetings.
  2. Interview; A comprehensive interview to discuss your career development and personal development. I will make a strengths and weaknesses analysis with you, we will consider the competencies you have developed, your interests and your ambitions. We will also take a closer look at your curriculum vitae. This includes structure, content and lay-out. We will, of course, also consider your presentation, and during our meetings I will give you honest feedback on your presentation. In conclusion, I will advise you on directions to consider with regard to sectors and functions, and on your chances on the market.
  3. In-depth interview / follow-up conversation; In some situations, your orientation might require a deepening of insight. In that case, I will offer you the opportunity to schedule another meeting after three months, to look back upon previous discussions, but also to look ahead and discuss ways to fine-tune and / or improve various issues. We will also re-discuss the labour market.

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